• Four years ago I had the wonderful pleasure finding Nicole and her Mobil Pet Spa. I have two Lhasa apso dogs, long haired and in need of a real professional grooming. I can't say enough about this service. Right to your door, no doggie stress and Beautiful Work. Nicole's Love for Dogs and professional grooming has always been evident each time she's with them. My Dogs and I look forward to seeing her each visit. Just Simply The Best!!! Tracy & Hobie & Shasta (Incline Village)  - 02/2013 

  •  Imagine dutifully planning to go to the Dentist for a cleaning, because you know it is good for you and you'll be healthier for it.   You expect a sterile, mildly uncomfortable experience with someone reasonably courteous.  You endure it because in the end, its smart to do.When you arrive, however, your hygenist is like an incarnation of your own idealized version of Mother Theresa.   She "gets" you instantly, she genuinely cares for you and she's able to communicate to you in ways that even your master can not.    Instead of whirring machines and prodding metal probes, your treated to luxurious, warm flows of fluids and shampoos, stress relieving massages and preaning that puts to shame what your mother did when you were a pup.   You develop an emotional connection to the hygenist as if she was really a dog with thumbs.  Your worries about Bears attacking your house seem silly now.  Your concern that your Master is disappointed in you melts away as you realize you are in a good place, else they'd not have arranged this experience for you to enjoy.  When done, you feel young again, proud and healthy enough to attend to any threat your master might face, or task they ask you to perform.   You feel strong enough to chase down any rabbit, but content enough to let it go once you catch it, as you will no doubt catch it indeed.  You feel good.It is my belief that this, or some version of this, is the inevitable emotional experience clients of Nicole have when graced with the opportunity to receive her services.  Don't think of it as grooming, think of it as raising the quality of your dog's life.  I'm pretty certain that's the way he or she will think of it.While it should go without saying, I do want to point out that there is no value judgement with Nicole on dogs.    Long hair, short hair, huge, tiny, pure bread or pure accident of human neglect, every dog is treated like a treasured soul.   My dog, Bandit, will testify he's never been devalued for his lack of pedigree.  And, a lack of pedigree he indeed does have.  I love that dog.
    • George B (Reno) 01/2012
  • Nicole is amazing. She is one of the most caring, responsible and  knowledgeable people I know.  The grooming, pampering and TLC she gives our two dogs is over the top. She is passionate about what she does and is always striving to learn more and get better, although honestly I'm not sure how much better she can get. Her services are well priced and have actually saved us money; by keeping their skin and coats, ears, nails etc  so clean and healthy we are able to avoid bigger problems,. She has also altered us to any potential health concerns she sees so that we can address them with our vet if needed.  On top of all that, she truly loves our dogs, maybe even more than we do !
    • Jennifer R. (Incline Village)  03/2012 

  •   I have been using Sierra Mobile Pet Spa for over a year now and could not be happier! Nicole is fantastic with dogs and just seems like the nicest, most caring person when you meet her. Her van is immaculate and frankly the nicest mobile grooming vehicle I have ever seen! I have had my dogs groomed many different places and there is no comparison to what Nicole does for them...her "basic" groom is the most thorough I know of.  She is reliable, punctual, professional, and so good at what she does. If it is any indication, the only time I let my dogs sleep in bed with me is right after she grooms them. :)
    • Julia P (Reno) 03/2013